In a recent rumour going around in various social media, Google’s Pixel 4a has been delayed till July 2020. As per the pervious leaks the device was about to unveil in the Google I/O which was scheduled from May 12 to 14. If the recent rumours are true, this delay could give Apple an advantage for their latest midrage device iPhone SE 2020.

Google’s Pixel 3a and 3a XL, the Mid range devices from May 2019 have raised many eyebrows and gain attraction from many users especially in the emerging markets like India. Pixel 3a and 3a XL have redefined the mid-range smartphone camera quality standard to a whole new level by giving the user the flagship level of quality.

“Google Pixel 4a will now available in July 2020”

The phone inherited the best parts from their flagship device Pixel 3 and made it available for the users for half of their flagship phone cost $399. The device managed to gain the tag of “Best Cheap alternative” for the year 2019 with Google’s latest Android updates when its available for the public. But now since the Pixel 4a has been delayed further till July, iPhone SE 2020, Apple’s most afforable iPhone yet will have a clear advantage over the Google’s latest Mid range phone.

The users who are due for their upgrade will be looking at affordable phones like iPhone SE 2020 and Pixel 4a as due to the recent corona virus outbreak which affected the business and paycheck, afforable phone are now appealing to the consumers more than ever.

When Apple unveiled their latest device in April after several years of R&D, there is no better time for apple to release the device to the consumers with their latest and fastest chip A13 Bionic which is also equipped in their flagship device iPhone 11, we were excited to see how the iPhone SE would size up against the Google Pixel 4a.