Google has innovated different features in their platforms to improve the productivity who are working from home like the Google Meet for online video conferencing to effectively do work from home. Now Google have added their new feature called “Homework Filter” in Google Lens to help the kids when they are stuck on a homework problem.

Google has announced the Homework feature yesterday in a blog post. The Homework filter prompts the user to take a picture of the mathematics or the science question in the Google Lens viewfinder that is now tweaked to rectangle instead of square which is now being used. The rectangle viewfinder is suited for capturing the long mathematical questions.

Source: Google

Google Lens Homework filter will help students using the AI powered Socratic App using Augmented Reality

Once the picture is captured on Google Lens with the Homework filter on, the Lens will highlight all the equations or questions on the screen. Followed by the selection to copy the text and send to the computer via chrome browser or edit the equation. On the steps to solve the math, Overview, Quadratic Formula and Solve by factoring. In the final answer, the step by step breakdown will be displayed for the users.

For science students who needs help with STEM, Google search can connect them to potential explanations and the concepts. The guides on Android and iOS and Mobile Web can surface 3D contents almost 100 STEMS in chemistry and biology using the Augmented Reality (AR).

The Google Lens feature is powered using the Artificial Intelligence (AI) using Socratic App, Google’s Education Tech company which was acquired by Google in March 2018.