BenQ PD2705U 4K Designer Monitor

In the evolving digital landscape, choosing the right technology becomes crucial for creative professionals. The perfect blend of performance, accuracy, and user-friendly features can significantly enhance productivity and ease of work. One such masterpiece that has been making waves in the field of professional monitors is the BenQ PD2706UA.

This 27-inch 4K UHD sRGB HDR10 USB-C Designer Monitor stands as a testament to BenQ’s innovative prowess and commitment to delivering high-quality solutions for designers. With its accurate colour reproduction, ergonomic design, and advanced features, the PD2706UA is more than just a monitor; it’s a tool that helps bring creative visions to life. This review aims to delve into the intricacies of this 4K Designer monitor, exploring its features, performance, and how it caters to the nuanced needs of today’s creative professionals. Drawing on various sources and user experiences, we will provide an in-depth analysis of the PD2706UA, helping you understand why it could be the perfect addition to your creative arsenal.

BenQ PD2706UA 27-inch 4K Designer Monitor
BenQ PD2706UA 27-inch 4K Designer Monitor

BenQ PD2706UA – Exceptional Colour Performance

The BenQ 27-inch 4K Monitor is a powerhouse for colour accuracy and consistency, making it an ideal choice for creative professionals. The monitor uses BenQ’s AQCOLOUR Technology, which ensures accurate colour reproduction. This technology has been developed by a team of colour experts who have participated in the ICC and ISO to establish colour-related standards and guidelines. The PD2706UA covers 99% sRGB and 99% Rec.709 colour spaces, ensuring superb colour accuracy with a Delta E ≤ 3.

This monitor is also factory calibrated, allowing designers to fully utilize the colour accuracy right out of the box. The ICCsync feature allows instant colour mode adjustment, controlled through BenQ Display Pilot software or the monitor itself. It’s also Pantone and Calman certified, a testament to its superior colour performance. As a bonus, the monitor comes with a one-year free Pantone Connect Premium subscription, offering digitally mobile colour consistency and accuracy.

Uniformity and Detail

The BenQ PD2706UA doesn’t compromise on detail. Its Uniformity Technology delivers corner-to-corner authentic colours and consistent luminescence. The display is divided into hundreds of sub-regions and meticulously fine-tuned for precision, assuring dependable image fidelity. This kind of attention to detail makes the PD2706UA stand out from other professional monitors.

Additionally, the monitor supports HDR10 technology, allowing users to preview HDR effects in video while editing. This means you get to see your work as it would appear in its final form, ensuring that there are no surprises when your project is complete.

Ergonomics and Connectivity

The BenQ 4K Designer Monitor is not just about performance; it also cares about user comfort. The monitor features an ergonomic design, allowing you to adjust its position for optimal comfort. It comes with a Hotkey Puck G2, making navigation of screen settings and functions a breeze.

In terms of connectivity, the monitor is equipped with a USB-C port offering lightning-fast video/audio/data transmission and 65W power delivery. It also features a KVM switch design that auto-pairs with input signals, increasing efficiency. The Picture In Picture (PIP) and Picture By Picture (PBP) features let you customize your workflow further.

Specialized Modes for Different Tasks

The BenQ PD2706UA comes with several specialized modes to cater to different tasks. The DualView Mode showcases designs in two modes side-by-side for improved workflow and enhanced productivity. There’s also a CAD/CAM Mode that enhances the contrast of lines and shapes in technical illustrations. The Animation Mode improves the clarity of dark areas without overexposing bright regions, and the Darkroom Mode adjusts image brightness and contrast for work in darker environments. These modes are easily accessible through the BenQ Display Pilot software, making it easy to switch between them depending on the task at hand.

Eye Care Technology

Finally, the BenQ PD2706UA comes with industry-leading eye care technologies to reduce eye fatigue and ensure greater user comfort during long periods of use. Certified by global safety authority TÜV Rheinland, this monitor is truly friendly to the human eye. It uses Low Blue Light technology to filter harmful blue light and Flicker-Free technology to eliminate screen flickers found in traditional LCD monitors during extended viewing.


In conclusion, the BenQ PD2706UA 4K Designer Monitor is a top-tier monitor designed with the needs of creative professionals in mind. Its outstanding colour performance, attention to detail, ergonomic design, specialized modes, and eye care technologies make it a solid choice for any designer.