MSI Claw Handheld Gaming Device

MSI, a leading name in gaming hardware and a pioneer in technological innovation has shaken the portable gaming landscape with the launch of the MSI Claw. This groundbreaking handheld device marks a new era, boasting the world’s first integration of the powerful Intel Core Ultra processor.

The Intel Core Ultra processor sits at the heart of the Claw, featuring a revolutionary silicon architecture for enhanced performance. This innovative chip is further amplified by the inclusion of Intel’s cutting-edge ARC graphics, boasting up to 8 Xe cores. This combination delivers a staggering twice the graphical performance compared to previous generations, ensuring smooth and immersive gameplay even in demanding AAA titles.

MSI Claw with Intel Core Ultra

MSI Claw with Intel Core Ultra

The Claw isn’t just about raw power; it’s designed for extended gaming sessions. MSI’s renowned Cooler Boost Hyperflow technology takes center stage, featuring a dual-fan and heat pipe system that efficiently dissipates heat. This innovative thermal design ensures optimal airflow to cool internal components, guaranteeing sustained peak performance without throttling.

But power without endurance is a fleeting experience. The Claw addresses this concern with a class-leading 53Wh battery, offering an impressive 2 hours of playtime under full load. This allows gamers to delve into their favorite titles for extended periods without worrying about constant battery checks.

Beyond the processing muscle, the Claw boasts a 7-inch Full HD touchscreen display that delivers stunning visuals. This display, coupled with a remarkable 120Hz refresh rate, translates to a smooth and responsive gaming experience. Whether you’re exploring vast open worlds or battling enemies in fast-paced action games, the Claw ensures a visually captivating and lightning-fast experience.

When it comes to comfort, the Claw excels. Featuring an ergonomic design, it comfortably fits various hand sizes, allowing gamers to enjoy extended sessions without experiencing fatigue or discomfort. This focus on user comfort further enhances the overall gaming experience in handheld gaming devices.

The pre-installed MSI Center M UI provides instant access to crucial features and settings. From launching games in a snap to accessing various platforms, the UI simplifies navigation and streamlines the user experience.

Expanding the gaming library further, the Claw utilizes the MSI APP Player. This software allows users to dive into the vast world of Android mobile games alongside their favorite Windows titles, offering a truly versatile gaming platform.

The MSI Claw is now available for purchase in the Middle East. Gamers can grab their Claw online or visit major retailers across the UAE, including Virgin Megastore, Sharaf DG, Geekay, Jumbo, Eros & Amazon, as well as Computer Plaza with HyperX Al Ershad Computer Group. In KSA, the Claw is exclusively available at Jarir Bookstore.