TP-Link WiFi range extender

As most of us are working from home and the kids are learning from home, weak wireless signals can be really annoying for most people. If you have already found the solution from the TP-Link in the form of wireless range extender, This article can help you setup your WiFi extender using the TP-Link Tether App.

Step by Step guide to configure TP-Link WiFi extender using Tether App

TP-Link RE650(US)

Source: TP-Link

1. Plugin your TP-Link WiFi range extender in the power socket.

For hassle free configuration, we would suggest you to connect the device nearby the router for setup. Once the setup is completed, you can relocate the device based on the weak signal reception area.

2. Connect to TP-LINK Extender WiFi and Create your TP-Link account in the Tether App to login.

Search for TP-Link WiFi extender wireless name in your smartphone or Tablet WiFi settings and connect to the SSID broadcasting in 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency.

The TP-Link account can help you control your devices if you want to control the WiFi extender settings from multiple smartphones. TP-Link account requires a strong password to setup your account to make your WiFi network secure.

TP-Link Tether Setup-1

3. Choose your WiFi extender model and create a Local password.

Once the TP-Link account is created, Tether App will suggest you to create a local password for the device to security reasons. This local password would be required when you try to configure the extender in Tether App on your secondary device. Then, select your extender device model to proceed with the setup.

4. Select your WiFi network name set in your router and enter your WiFi password.

Once the Extender completes the search, it will display all the wireless names found, on your device screen. Select your WiFi name and enter your password to connect the extender to your router on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency.

Once the host networks are connected, the app will display the entered password for verification.

5. Setup WiFi SSID name and password for the extended WiFi networks

The WiFi range extender will broadcast its 2.4GHz/5GHz network to extend the Wi-Fi coverage in your home.

We would suggest you to give a unique name to the new SSID’s you are about to create in your WiFI extender to identify the network easily. The Tether App will allow you to change the WiFi name and password later.

Change extended network name

6. Check your Host and Extended WiFi configuration settings

Check and verify the Host and Extended WiFi configuration settings to complete the configuration and apply to the WiFi range extender.

TP-Link Tether Setup-5

7. Relocate your WiFi extender to a suitable location where your host network signals are available to complete the process.

Once the new configuration is applied, the WiFi range extender will reboot with new settings. Now you can relocate the device to a location in your home where you have WiFi signals available.

Once the relocation is completed, Confirm that the new WiFi name is now transmitting from the WiFi extender.

Location Assistant

Location Assistant feature in the application will help you find the best location for your extender based on the signal strength receiving from the host router.