Google’s music streaming platform has been in a difficult position for quite sometime now. Now, Google has announced the shutdown of Google Play Music in a blog post.

In May, Google had asked the Google Play Music users to transfer their library and playlists to the YouTube Music. Followed by the request, the Internet giant announced that the Play Music will be replaced by YouTube Music with some additional changes.


Google Play Music will be replaced by YouTube Music, starting September 2020 Play Music to stop streaming

New Zealand and South Africa users won’t be able to stream from September and the Global markets will follow in October. However, Google will keep the data like playlists, uploads, purchases, likes and more until December 2020 to make the switch easier for its subscribers.

Starting from late August, Play Music wont allow the users to  purchase and pre-order music or upload and download music from the streaming platform.

To make the users more attractive to its streaming service more appealing to the users, Google will be making few enhancements to YouTube Music.


Assistive Playlist Creation – Quickly and easily create playlists by adding recommended songs based on existing songs in the playlist, as well as personalized signals, such as watch history and likes.

Collaborative Playlists – Collaborate with other music fans to create shared playlists for any occasion.

New Programmed Playlists – Explore newly launched programmed playlists like HighlineCaribbean PulseConditions Underground, and more.

Google to add YouTube Music to Android TV and allow Google Assistant to discover music through Google Home and Nest Smart Speakers

Features and Improvements

Player Page Redesign – Updates to the player page, available for Android mobile users, provides a more modern design that allows better playback controls and easier access to related music and other features like song lyrics.

Explore Tab – The new Explore tab, available in both mobile and the web is the consistent destination to find new releases including albums, singles, and music videos, as well as browse our vast catalog of diverse playlists through the Moods & Genre section.

Google has also announced that the YouTube Music will be added to the Android TV platform and It will be integrated with Google Maps to let listeners seamlessly listen to music and get personalized music recommendations within the Google Maps interface. Also, they will allow Google Assistant to discover the music through Google Home and Google Nest Smart Speakers.

Google has not given any time frame when these changes and new features will be added to the YouTube Music App.