Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar

Sennheiser announces its the launch of the latest Ambeo Soundbar Mini in the Middle East region. It features Ambeo virtualization technology, which delivers three-dimensional audio and up to 7.1.4 sound virtualization. Measuring 700 x 100 x 65 mm, it weighs around 3.3 kilograms. it offers an immersive audio solution without taking up excessive space for your home audio setup.

With advanced self-calibration and four built-in microphones, the Ambeo Soundbar Mini can adapt to its surroundings and tailor the sound to each unique environment. This means every note, every dialogue, and every sound effect is delivered with crystal-clear precision, enhancing the overall auditory experience. Powering this beast is a pair of 250W class D amplifiers, driving the sound with a force that defies the Soundbar’s compact size. And when it comes to bass, the Sennheiser Soundbar Mini doesn’t just deliver; it impresses. Equipped with two 4″ woofers, it can reproduce deep bass down to 43Hz, aptly named “Deep Bass”, adding a dramatic depth to your favorite tracks and movies.

Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar Mini is ideal for Smaller Spaces to experience the Immersive Sound

Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar Mini

In addition to its acoustic prowess, the Sennheiser Soundbar supports major streaming services such as Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay 2, and TIDAL. For those who crave even more power, the latest Sennheiser Soundbar offers the option to add up to four additional Ambeo Subs, further enhancing the depth and impact of the bass. This flexibility ensures that users can customize their audio setup to match their preferences, delivering a personalized audio experience like no other. Immersive 3D sound with Dolby ATMOS, DTS:X, 360 Reality Audio, and MPEG-H audio.

Powered with the Ambeo OS, the Sennheiser Soundbar is equipped with multiple connectivity features such as HDMI out (eARC), USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. and it is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Chromecast as well. The Sennheiser Soundbar will be retailing at AED 3299 in the market.