Android Nearby Share, Google’s file sharing feature is now rolling out, for Android devices across the world. It allows the users to share photos, documents, etc. with other Android users instantly.

The feature will be rolling out to the devices on the Android version 6.0+ and it will enable to share files both online and offline. The Android Nearby Share platform uses the protocols such as Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC or peer-to-peer WiFi to transfer the content.

Nearby Share feature allows you to share files to the devices that are in your proximity. Once the sender tap on the share button, the recipient of the file will receive a pop-up notification whether to accept or decline the file transfer.

The sharing platform was built with privacy as its core. As the users don’t have to exchange the contact information, As the Android Nearby Share allows to exchange files anonymously. Also it allows to change the privacy settings from the quick settings and change the visibility to “hidden”, visible to “Some contacts” or “All Contacts” to restrict receiving the file that you are not expecting.

Nearby Share feature will be rolling on Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy smartphones initially

The update will rollout to selected Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy devices from Today. Google said in a post that they are working with the partners to roll out the feature to other Android Smartphones over the next few weeks.

In the coming months, Nearby Share feature will be rolling out to the Chromebooks as well. It will allow to share files between Chromebooks and Android devices and vice versa.