ViewSonic provides QHD Support to Next Gen console Sony PS5

ViewSonic Corporation, one of the leaders in providing visual solutions has announced its 1440p resolution support extending to the next generation gaming console from Sony. With the recent launch of Sony Play Station 5, its lack of 1440p resolution output a demand has arisen for the of QHD monitors.

In order to give past and present gamers the best experience possible, ViewSonic has optimized several QHD gaming monitors to effortlessly support 4K signals, while auto-downscaling to QHD resolution. This provides gamers with the best experience, without needing to activate troublesome modes, or complicated software.

According to Sony, users will not be able to output a native 1440p signal, putting the initial launch focus on 4K TV gamers. For hybrid (PC/console) gamers with QHD monitors, this results in downscaling to 1080p without a viable solution to experience high-resolution gameplay that is compatible with their current hardware.

Viewsonic supports 1440p resolution for PS5

ViewSonic Gaming Monitors with 1440p resolution support

  1. Elite XG270QC
  2. Elite XG270Q
  3. VX2768-2KPC-MHD
  4. VX3268-2KPC-MHD
  5. VX2705-2KP-MHD/VX2768-2KP-MHD
  6. XG2705-2K

For PC gamers, the QHD support was a standard resolution for games, it provides enough details with its 2560x1440p resolution without giving much stress to the GPU, and were much helpful to deliver high frame rates while playing games. With 4K resolution, even with the high-end GPU from Nvidia or AMD struggle to deliver triple-digit refresh rates.

While companies like AMD and Nvidia are making a push for 4K gaming with their latest generation of GPU’s. However, the 4K gaming with 120Hz+ refresh rate is still a challenge that is still not cracked yet. Therefore, gamers who prefer to have a higher refresh rate over the higher visual details will still prefer to have QHD displays for playing on Sony Playstation 5.