Google Duo Video calling App

During this pandemic, Video calling are in use more than ever before, pushing every service provider to add more features and reliability to their services.

“Google Duo catching up Zoom’s features are a great sign for the users”

One month ago Google announced no. of feature updates for Google Duo, including invite links, extending upto 12 users to join in group calls and more.

Current update appears to be a server side feature rollout, enabling with easy invite links. The link will quickly open the Google Duo app and allows the user to join the call directly. Android Police have first reported the feature drop to the platform. The feature is now available for all the users.

Google Duo is more focused on Mobile and consumer friendliness. Google Duo has currently locked the feature to generate the link only for group calls. To send the link to the people who want to join, you will need to Create a group in Duo. Once the group is created, you’ll see a Google Duo “Share Link” button on the screen before you start the call.

Join via link feature was recently popularized by Zoom, but catching up with their game by google is a great sign. We are hoping Google will extend this feature to join via link will expand to web as well in the future.

The Invite feature were announced earlier this month as a broader feature rollout including planned web support, and an already-live family mode for onscreen doodling and Snapchat-style masks effects.