OnePlus rumoured budget smartphone is one of the most hottest device which is getting leaked since march. Some leaks were suggesting that the devices will be named OnePlusZ also some leaks suggests that name will be OnePlus Nord. Either way OnePlus have confirmed that the device exists and will be launching in July.

OnePlus budget Smartphone will be launching in July

OnePlus have recently posted an image through its OnePlusZThing Instagram account morse code which decodes into July launch. In a recent report, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau had revealed that they will be releasing an affordable smartphone.

The challenge posted on the OnePlus managed Instagram mentions “Crack the Code #1”. Hence we believe there are more codes to be revealed in upcoming days. OnePlus previously confirmed that the device will be launching in India and Europe.

Since beginning of the OnePlus launch, the company is having a difficult time to manage the demand for its phone, this includes their latest flagship phone OnePlus 8 series. In India, they are still following the flash sales model. Considering OnePluz Z/OnePlus Nord will be a mid range device and it will be interesting how the company will be managing the demand.

In a exclusive Android Central  report, OnePlus Z/OnePlus Nord will carry dual 32 MP camera and 8 MP wide angle camera in the front. If the rumours are true, this will be OnePlus’s first phone with a dual front facing camera.

OnePlus Z/OnePlus Nord is rumoured to carry a price tag of INR 24,990

OnePlus Z/ OnePlus Nord will be having a Qualcomm Snapdragon 785 chipset and 90Hz refresh rate AMOLED display based on the earlier leaks. It is expected that OnePlus Z/OnePluz Nord will carry a price tag of INR 24,990 based on a leaked survey. The budget smartphone is expected to be revealed on July 10 in India. We are excited to see what OnePlus is preparing in its long waited budget smartphone since the original OnePlus One.