Microsoft has launched a personal version of their communication and collaboration platform as a preview. Microsoft is trying to regain their lost trust on the consumer related applications.

Microsoft wants to reposition Teams as more than just a Business App

Microsoft Teams will be launching the preview version for Android, iOS platforms. It will be for personal use will include the basics of text chat and video calling, combined with shared lists, documents, calendars, and location sharing. Also the app has a dashboard with events, locations, tasks, and images that shared in a group.

The mobile versions of Microsoft Teams for iOS and Android will be updated to allow anyone to log into the apps with a personal Microsoft Account. You’ll be able to quickly switch within the apps from a work to a home account and use the personal version alongside other Office apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Similar to the OneDrive Personal Vault feature, Microsoft will be including a safe vault for personal use with end-to-end encryption to share personal information like WiFi or Prime account information in a group with a 2 factor authentication enabled in Teams.

As per Microsoft’s CVP Liat Ben-Zur, Microsoft’s repositioning of Teams for personal use means that it’s not trying to directly replace Skype just yet either. “We’re still fully committed to Skype, Skype is a fantastic app that hundreds of millions of people around the world are using to solve the specific need of video chat and connecting, and we are fully committed to that. For folks that just want a very purpose-built app, Skype is a great solution, and we support it and encourage it.”

Microsoft Teams grew at 894% from 17 Febraury 2020 till June 2020, Surpasses Zoom in growth

According to a report released by Aternity, from Feb 2020 – June 2020, Microsoft Teams have surpassed Zoom in usage growth. Teams grew 894% while Zoom’s grew at 677%.

Microsoft Teams consumer preview will start rolled out on 22nd June and over the coming weeks for Android and iOS. Microsoft is planning to release additional features in the mobile preview based on feedback before expanding to the desktop and web versions of Teams with a launch later this year.