Max Hsu - Regional Manager ViewSonic Middle East

ViewSonic Corporation has been making Liquid crystal displays (LCD), Projectors and Whiteboards for different markets like Education, Enterprise and Entertainment. The brand has been making quality products since its inception in 1987. Today we got an opportunity to interview ViewSonic Middle East Regional Manager Mr. Max Hsu.

ViewSonic Interative Display Panels

With a new wave of photographers, graphic designers, and video editors, are you offering any solution specially designed to enhance their work ?

ViewSonic is a global leader in providing photographers, graphic designers, and video editors with the right tools to achieve their work precisely, by offering them a professional monitor’s Color Pro series, which is designed to meet their work needs, such as VP3481 , VP2768A , VP2785-4K & the all NEW VP2776. With these monitors, ViewSonic aims to provide professionals with a tool with features that can enhance their work and reduce completion time. Some of the features of these series are: 100% sRGB and 100% Rec.709 color coverage, pre-calibrated uniformity correction, USB-C connectivity, Ergonomic stand with auto pivot & Daisy Chain supported for dual monitor setup.

What are ViewSonic’s latest offerings and improvements for the corporate consumers and modern office spaces ?

In addition to the VP series for professionals, we also offer other series for workplace solution that aims to eliminate worker complications inside the workplace, VG & TD series are on top of these solutions. Where the VG series introduces the single cable workstation solutions through USB-C such as VG2456, in addition to ergonomic design and next-generation connectivity, and recently we launched the VG2740V with a built-in Camera for better use with the rise of online meetings. On another hand to Maximize productivity on the go, earlier we introduced the TD1655, a portable touch monitor, that allows users to easily extend their content from laptops and mobile devices, through a One-cable solution for audiovisual, power, and touch signal transmission. It has a compact size, lightweight, and highly Sturdy and durable design.

How has the demand for touch monitors grown and how is ViewSonic catering to it ?

Demand on touch monitor is increased on yearly basis, as this technology is needed and prefer to be used by most of the users especially that the user experience will be much smoother. And one of our best Touch monitors is TD2455 which is used for office and education classrooms. And in our plans, touch monitors will get more focus to develop new models and solutions to meet the end users needs and requirements. On another side, also the demand for interactive flat panels for meeting and training rooms has increased, as it creates a better environment for engaging and easier collaboration during hybrid meetings. For example, ViewSonic IFP product market share ranks as top 2 position globally (except China), and locally in UAE we are Number 1 in market share in 2021-Q4. So, the demand and interest of Touch monitors and Screens is increasing from all industries.

How have ViewSonic’s corporate solutions improved during the pandemic ?

Even before the pandemic, ViewSonic was among the top vendors for corporate visual solutions, from office and home monitors, smart projectors to IFPs and commercial displays that focus on providing the best experience possible for users to connect, collaborate and engage inside or outside the workplace. And, the pandemic caused us to increase the variety of our solutions and to add new features to new models to meet the new normal in all product line categories.