Google Phone App will tell you why the business is calling

Google is working long time now to innovate and bring useful features for its pixel users. Nowadays, smartphones are being used more for non calling purposes. However Google hasn’t stopped themselves in improving the experience for the users for the basic function of phone, ie calling.

Auto Call Screening and Spam Protection feature was hit for its Pixel devices when it was revealed last year. The new feature was spotted by Android Police is a google support page.

According to the support page, the feature will let the users know why the business is calling the user before answering the call. Verified calls will only come the business who have already gone through Google’s approval process. When the criteria is met, which was placed from an approved business, the user will see the business name and logo, as well as the reason for the call.

Google verified calls will help users to reduce the spam and marketing calls

The business has to submit the details to google’s dedicated verified calls server. Then the server pushes the submitted information to the Google Phone App installed in your device. When the call is initiated, the application will check the caller’s info against that stored data in order to verify the call is indeed coming from the business. If everything’s legit, the Phone app displays the call as being Verified, and presents the helpful info provided by the business. After few minutes the server deletes your phone number and the call reason from the Verified Calls server. Google’s Verified Calls feature will be enable by default. If you want to opt-out from this, there will be an option to do so.

Google hasn’t made this feature available as of now. Since the support page is already live, we are expecting google to drop this feature in the next July security update or in the Android 11 update.