Google’s communication and collaboration platform “Google Meet” to add several new features to attract more users to its meeting app. According to a report from 9to5GoogleGoogle will be adding new features like background blur, adding images in the background, real time captioning and low light mode in the video calls.

Google Meet’s new feature will attract users from Microsoft Teams and Zoom

In the new update, it will also add handraise feature and up to 49 participants tile view. Last month Google had integrated Meet to its Gmail platform enabling any user who have a Gmail account to create Google Meet Invite. Currently Google allows up to 100 participants to join in a meeting.

Google has been trying to catch up in the communication and collaboration platform competitors Microsoft Teams and the new hit entrant to the industry, Zoom. Currently Zoom and Microsoft Teams are doing very well in this platform which forced Google to add more features to its Google Meet to attract users from the rival companies.

According to a recent report, Microsoft Teams growth have surpassed Zoom. As per the report, Teams grew 894% while Zoom’s trailing at 677%. Google has added that their Meet has now 100 million daily active users.