When building a good gaming computer, the monitor is mostly overlooked compared to other peripherals. Though peripherals are important, a good performance monitor is also equally important to deliver your high performance hardware to satisfy visually for delivering the overall satisfaction of a good gaming computer.

A good gaming monitor improves the overall satisfaction with its low response time and high refresh rate. BenQ e-Sports and gaming brand delivers just that without burning your wallet much. The Zowie XL2746S has a ridiculous 240 Hz refresh rate on a 27 inch Full HD TN LCD panel to deliver the 0.5ms response time and e-Sports ready rate. The high refresh rate can be fully utilized using the graphics cards from Nvidia GeForce GTX980 or AMD Radeon RX480 or better.

Zowie XL2746S low response time and 240Hz refresh rate makes it suitable for warfare games


Size –  27 inches
Screen Area –  23.53 x 13.23″ / 597.6 x 336.15 mm
Panel Type –  TN LCD
Resolution –  1920 x 1080
Aspect Ratio – 16:9
Pixels Per Inch (ppi) – 81 ppi
Maximum Brightness –  320 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio –  1000:1
Dynamic Contrast Ratio –   12,000,000:1
Refresh Rate –  240 Hz
Response Time –  1 ms
Dot Pitch –  0.311 x 0.311 mm


I/O Connector – DVI-DL / HDMI x2 / DP1.2 / headphone jack / mic jack
USB – Downstream x 2, Upstream x 1

Special Features

Dynamic Accuracy – Yes (DyAc⁺)
Shield – Yes
S Switch – Yes (Profiles to go)
Black eQualizer – Yes
Color Vibrance – Yes
Low Blue Light – Yes
Flicker-free – Yes (DyAc⁺ off)
Kensington Lock – Yes


The Zowie XL 2746S has a clean and simple design without any flashy RGB lights. The red accents on the black monitor gives them a attractive look. If you are a person who likes RGB lights on your devices, you will be disappointed. Zowie has put in a solid stand to hold the screen with the tilting and swivel functions. The e-Sports monitor’s height can be adjusted up to 140 mm and can swivel 45/45 to both left and right sides.

BenQ has added a settings controller called “S-Switch” on the XL2746S to change the screen modes instantly without searching for the buttons on the screens. Especially during the gaming scenario’s, it allows the gamers to change to different preset modes from the settings.

The build quality of the monitor is solid with a thick base so that the monitor doesn’t wobble around with a fully adjustable stand. The Zowie XL2746S comes with light blocking shields on both sides. Its slider headphone hanger is a neat touch to hold your headphones.


The XL2746S offers a static contrast of 1000:1 with a peak brightness of 320 nits. Its 240 Hz refresh is the biggest selling point of this e-sports monitor with a 0.5 ms response time making a very suitable for shooting games like Call of Duty, Doom Eternal or Counter-Strike.

The Zowie flagship monitor supports VESA’s Adaptive Sync Technology and AMD’s FreeSync. Also, it has included the DyAc+ (Dynamic Accuracy) technology, which reduces the motion blur in fast paced action moves along with Black eQualizer to enhance the dark scenes. While the competitors like Samsung, Acer and LG offers 1440p resolution monitors, Zowie XL2746S offers a maximum resolution of 1080p.

The DyAc+ feature does an excellent job in motion blur performance while playing the game, especially its noticeable while panning the screen from side to side which makes somewhat satisfying to trade off for a Full HD resolution panel.


The Zowie XL2746S e-Sports monitor is retailing for AED 2299 and it is available on major e-commerce websites like Amazon and Noon.


The Zowie XL2746S e-Sports monitor offers a stellar gaming performance for hardcore gamers and professionals, especially with excellent battlefield games which requires a high refresh rate and response time with a 1440p resolution trade off. The monitor is well built with a solid stand which allows to adjust height, swivel and tilt and a dedicated circular controller to quickly change the profiles.

Its colour vibrance feature adjusts the colour tones to make the scenes more vibrant. As its built for hardcore gamers and esports enthusiasts, its side shields help the gamers distractions and light glare as well. During our review period of the BenQ’s gaming monitor, we had an overall satisfying experience using the monitor and that makes this monitor an easy recommendation for us.