macOS version 10 will be called BigSur; iOS 14 , AirPods get update

In Apple’s 31st annual developers event WWDC 2020 has made several key announcements for their iOS, macOS, iPadOS, WearOS etc. in a digital event. It is the first virtual event in the history of WWDC.

iOS 14

Apple’s iOS 14 most notable feature is the widgets, its scattered all over the screen in various shapes and sizes. The widgets is expected to bring new look for the iPhone users.

iOS 14 will be adding App Library to their latest OS for iPhones. App Library is like the widgets for the android phones to organize your quick access apps. Also Picture-In-Picture is another feature that will allow you to resize the video window while you move away from the video. It will minimize to a conrner without closing the video.

Memoji is another area where it will be making improvements. It will add more age options, accessories for Memoji, like face masks, and emotions, like blushing.

In the event, Apple has introduced AppsClips, which will allow the users to use the apps without installing the app in the phone. It is their version of InstantApps from Android.

Apple Carkey; its digital key will allow to unlock the car, will be available in iOS 13,14

Apple has also introduced CarKey to its latest software. It allows the users to unlock the car using the NFC feature. This will feature in BMW 5-series cars in 2021 models. The user have to register the key in Apple Wallet and can walk upto a supported car to unlock the car, once you leave the phone on your car pad, it allows you to start the car. The keys will be stored locally on the device, however you can delete it through iCloud if you wish to remove.

macOS BigSur

Apple has introduced MacOS 11 called BigSur in the event. It has adapted number of elements from Apple’s iOS, including a customizable Control Center to manage all your go to settings like WiFi, brightness, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, and other settings of your choice; and a new notification center for steamlining your widgets and notifications.

Apple redesigned the app icons like Mail, Photos, Notes and iWork. Also a new version of Maps have also introduced including the 360-degree location views, bicycle and electricvehicle directions, live updates for shared ETAs, congestion zones, and indoor maps. BigSur has a new safari update as well. Apple claims their browser now loads 50 percent faster than Google Chrome maintaining the power efficiency.

Safari is also getting support for extensions made for other browsers, and a dedicated extensions page within the App Store. Also it will now allow you to import the browser history, bookmarks and passwords from other browser. A much needed feature which almost all the competitor has since many years. The new safari browser has integrated many privacy features as well, including a Privacy Report that lists cross-site trackers the browser has blocked over the last 30 days, and a password monitoring tool which reports to you when there is any password saved has been involved in any data breach.

Apple removes Intel processor with ARM, will be called Apple Silicon

Apple has been a loyal customer of Intel processors for many years. It was long rumoured that Apple will make their own processors for the Macbooks. Following iPhones and iPads, Apple will now make their own chipsets. Till now Apple’s components making were completely depended on Intel’s pogress. Apple Silicon will now be heart of the beautiful Macbooks.

As we mentioned in our previous post when the news leaked about Apple will be making their own processors, it will be a major task for Apple and the developers who have apps in App Store, would require to tweak for supporting ARM processors based macbooks. It is said to be replacing Intel processors within 2 years.


Apple has introduced “Spatial Audio” for Airpods and a automatic switching feature is coming to the AirPods Pro, second-generation AirPods, Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro, and Beats Solo Pro in a firmware update, and will automatically switch audio inputs based on which Apple device you’re using through your iCloud account, Reports The Verge.

The new feature Spatial Audio will be exclusive to AirPods Pro earbuds. The new features rich audio experience to the music listeners, including 3D and Surround Sound effects to deliver complete audio package. Apple has also added support for AirPods audio sharing feature for its Apple TV devices, allowing two users to watch a movie together.