Affordable One Plus TV To launch in India

One Plus has confirmed that they are set to launch their affordable  One Plus TV in India on July 2, 2020. Pete Lau, CEO and co-founder of One Plus has confirmed in a tweet today.

As per image attached on Pete’s tweet, the slogan says “Smarter TV. Smarter Price”. which we assume that the One Plus Tv  wil bel aiming to reach the mass indian consumers which is a price consious and will have AI capabilities to create higher competition with Realme.

“OnePlus aims to shake the Indian Smart TV market with their budget TV”

Last year OnePlus have introduced their first 55″ 4K Smart TV in India priced from INR 70.000 which is little bit on the higher side comparing to the high competition from Xiaomi, Vu etc.

In a recent Interview with OnePlus India’s chief strategy officer and Vice President Navnit Nakra told the Economic Times that considering the rapid growth of the entry and mid-segments in India, the brand is planning to launch new TVs to diversify its offerings and reach a wider audience.

With better connectivity and OTT content availability, the smart TV segment has started growing and growth is happening across segments. The objective of our new strategy is to share technology with more users. In that sense, we are looking at new product lines,” Nakra said.

As per the report, the OnePlus’ entry-level smart TV will be around $200 (INR 15,000) whereas the mid-range TV will likely be in Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000 range.

In recent years, a lot of smartphone manufacturers have launched their Smart TV’s to diversify their product porfolio including Nokia, Realme and Motorola. Currently the overall TV market in India is ruled by Samsung and Smart TV by Xiaomi. We had recent reported the lauch of Nokia Smart TV launch recently.